Meet Drew Bridewell

Product Design, UX Coach, Design Instructor

 “I’m here to empower, and help you accelerate your career in UX”


Drew Bridewell has spent the 2nd half of his career focused on designing career growth experiences. 

He fell in love with coaching and teaching from an early age. From his days on the baseball field calling the game behind the plate, to the first time he found out about online learning. He likes to thank, for paving the way.  Then went full circle to work with his dream companies, and with a few to go, he’s focused on 1 mission.

Serving the world through design.

Drew enjoys connecting with people and helping them learn new skills, he offers coaching and digital services to help designers, business owners, and families.

Prior to joining Facebook Drew helped pioneer a new design transformation team at InVision who was essentially a SWAT team which was put on missions to solve complex design challenges across the world. While there he was responsible for coaching and mentoring designers across the globe including the top 20 Fortune 500 companies. He excels in collaboration, preparation, exposing patterns, critiques, feedback, design systems, and workshops.  Drew has coached designers and leaders from over 150 companies, he has delivered 2 seasons of Practical UX Weekly and has released 73 episodes all about User Experience design.

Prior to InVision Drew designed and managed the LinkedIn Learning Enterprise Design team and before that, he helped led the first responsive product redesign of If you wish to learn more connect with him on LinkedIn

Need some next level support? He’s ready to help you architect your future.

Design with Us

Our newest show, Design with us is a creative story about a father and son who had a vision to create a video game. In this series Drew and Jude do what it takes to learn the in’s and out’s of building, designing, and managing a #roblox video game. They’ll learn, they’ll be challenged, and they’ll push their skills to another level!

Join Drew and Jude as they work together to bring their ideas to life.

Season 1 – Let’s design a game

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How the show works

Working Live

Since we’re designing a video game live you’ll get to see the in’s and out’s of what type of thinking is involved in this process.

Ask questions, or sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


Bring your work

Bring a design project you’ve been wanting to get started or need to finish. We’ll help you! Or feel free to just work on it and hang out. We can also answer your questions or give you live feedback!

Exercise your creativity

This show exists to have fun, learn and develop the design skills. We won’t judge you, only support you. Our goal is to have fun, make things and develop our creativity along the way. We can’t wait to meet you!

Monthly Live stream

High impact group coaching session about design. Includes weekly notes, access to private facebook group, reminders, action items, and templates giveaways

Next Level UX

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A thoughtfully crafted set of daily practices and design techniques that lead to an increase in clarity, productivity, and a sense of fulfillment. You’ll learn about crafting impactful experiences while feeling great. You’ll learn about prioritizing learning into your day and its benefits. 

1:1 UX Coaching, Goal Setting, Project Design, Group Accountability Check-ins, Homework, next-level design tactics.

12 week program

Family Alignment

A crash course in the Bridewell Parenting Method. You won’t believe the impact you can have with your kids and loved ones. 

Activity reflections, communication, voice and tone, planning, managing your family energy, routines, rituals and much more!

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Season 2

Practical UX Weekly

Ever wondered how other UX designers troubleshoot problems and juggle conflicting priorities? In this weekly series, Drew Bridewell—shares his hard-earned knowledge and shows how to apply basic UX design principles to real-world projects. Drew discusses his daily workflow, shares tips and tricks for presenting your work and collaborating with others, introduces valuable tools, and walks you through a day in the life of a product designer. Tune in and start looking at your own design projects in a new light.

Featured Episodes

Embracing Practice in Product Design

The art of practicing is the act to improve or maintain one’s proficiency in an idea, belief, or method. User experience designers have hundreds of methods, and practices that they must pull from to perform in their day to day. In this episode, I’ll discuss the benefits of embracing rituals and developing habits to treat practicing like its an essential part of being a designer.

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Building a case study

A case study is a way of passing insights, learning’s, and experiences down from one team to another team. It’s also a popular way to share your thinking, the things you tried, and how you got to the solution. This episode, is about creating a case study and helping you know know what to include next time you want to execute one.

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Facilitating Remote Meeting

Remote meetings are happening every day with teams from all over the world. These meetings are the foundation for how we progress projects, relationships, and our personal growth. In this episode we’ll take a look at five core remote meeting principles I like to follow to get the most out of remote meetings.

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