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Graphic Design Hello Exhibition 2010

Graphic Design Group Exhibition 2010 hosted by University of South Dakota at the Department of Fine Art. The Hello exhibition invites 15 designers all around the United States. It is to stimulate thinking about design, demonstrate the value of design and power of success of design


Online reservation application

The Magellan Network – Medium/Web

“Web application that allows an internet user to make an online reservation on a restaurant’s website. This reservation will show up at host/hostess stand or in the manager’s office.”

JOB: Redesign current online reservation application to create a better user experience, more visually attractice, up–to–date with current web technologies.

GOAL: Allow user to easily make a reservation without reading the instructions on each page. Usability testing for a target range of 15-65 years. Allow a user to complete a reservation successfully without getting confused.

SOLUTION: Simplify the user interface, eliminate functionality to show the following reservations message, “Reservations searched are not available”, and to add the functionality to always give the user an option if the time they searched for is not available. The only requirement is for the user to enter their party size and reservation date. This allows forward progress. Design the application with a large element concept; creating a fun design that can also pull from the restaurant’s css to match the color scheme. The reservation component also opens up in a lightbox (modal popup) vs opening up a single smaller window.


Restaurant website template

Standard vs Custom – The Magellan Network – Medium/Web

“Web templates are apart of TMN’s product suite. The templates must contain all the TMN applications. The applications include SEO, Custom Color Schemes, Photo Galleries and Slideshows, Google Maps API for directions, Online Reservations, and Special Offers component. All templates are built in a CMS, which makes the content editable. Clients can choose from a standard or a custom template.”

JOB: Develop and Design the restaurant templates for multiple restaurants. A requirement for the project was to include the ambiance, website copy, and design the site to increase online reservations. The Standard Site requirement is to be 1 page and a custom site can be 5-6 pages.

GOAL: To design for scalability and create a site that will increase revenue for the restaurant but will also be low maintenance for the restaurant and TMN. Keep restaurants ambiance and keep their color style.

SOLUTION: Eliminate waste and invaluable information. Create a simple user interface that can allow the restaurant to promote everything in their previous site, but in a more efficient way. Integrate web applications to their new website.

Live Samples


Eatery NYC

Guidos Favorite Foods


Social networking and web application – Medium/Web

“BuzzTown.com is an online directory and local business resource for Directory Plus, the Southwest regions most popular phonebook.”

JOB: Redesign the homepage and the interior page types as well as the interaction design steps to create an account.

GOAL: Bring a more fluid look and feel, as well as a more hip look to Buzztown. The problems they found, from usability studies, was that there was too much information on any given page; too many advertisements and no consistency with the design elements.

SOLUTION: Bring in an updated web look by using soft shadows and custom icons. Organize the layout where navigation became natural for a typical user. Use appropriate verbiage to consistently flow with related topics. Create depth with colors and images.


Bridewell Design

Web portfolio – Medium/Web

“BridewellDesign.com is my companies Portfolio Website. In the site we display all types of work including Print, Web, and Wedding Design.”

JOB: Redesign website. Display all solutions Bridewell Design offers to clients. Bring the website to life.

GOAL: Redesign website for web 2.0 style. Explore CSS possibilities and newer technologies. Display all solutions Bridewell Design offers to clients with clear descriptions. Bring the website to life through color, depth, and layout.

SOLUTION: Develop a bright, exciting, and interesting color scheme. Bring in dynamic social networking apps into the website, including LinkedIN, Twitter, FLICKR, and RSS feeds. Implement CSS3 for advanced web users appreciation. Bring out the 4 main items that Bridewell Design offers on the homepage. Develop and add a WordPress Custom Designed Blog.


Mountain Top Medicine

Creation of business website – Medium/Web

“Mountaintopmedicine.com is an alternative medicine practice focusing on acupuncture and herbal treatments, located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains in Durango, Colorado.”

JOB: Create a Brand Identity/Website. Design, develop, and advertise for Mountain Top Medicine. Support vision and goals for MTM.

GOAL: To separate Mountain Top Medicine from any of their high volume competition in Durango by having a brand that represents who they are as a medical practice as well as having a place where patients can feel comfortable,not scared of Oriental Medicine practices. Give clients valuable information while giving them a perfect example of what oriental medicine can provide.

SOLUTION: Organize MTM information and distribute throughout the 5 pages on the site. Bring natural textures to represent the history behind acupuncture. Promote Facebook and Twitter pages throughout entire site.


Thank you for visiting Drew’s Hello Exhibition 2010.


Green Analytical live!

Green Analytical

Green Analytical located in Durango, Colorado has completely re-invented the concept of what a 2010 laboratory website should stand for. With a tight design and a cleaned up architecture this site allows therir clients to get what they need and get it quick.

Green Analytical has come a long way since its last website, and I can only expect great things from the owner Nick Fullerton.

What you can expect in the future from Green Analytical is a upgraded CMS platform which will create the sustainability and constant updates every business owner wishes for.

What you can expect from Bridewell Design is an updated homepage slider that demonstrates a better experience of what GA is all about.

Take some time and visit www.greenanalytical.com!

Acupuncture Website ~ Mountain Top Medicine

mountain-top-medincineI would like to share with you Bridewell Design’s latest web site, Mountaintopmedicine.com. Mountain Top Medicine was designed for a Durango, CO Acupuncturist, Tyler VanGemert. The goal of this site was to redesign Tyler’s existing site which was previously a Yahoo Template. After speaking with Tyler we had a great sense of what he was hoping the site would convey.

The simplicty of the layout consists of a 2 column grid, large navigation, and the slick thing about the Ying Yang symbol is that the N, S, E, W cardinal points slightly change as you navigate through each page. Also, each page has a large banner that has a quick note about acupunture that can help the unknowing client learn more about the practice of Acupunture.

This design stemmed from Tyler’s hope of bringing a softer, more feminine feel to his site. We also wanted to create a warm, inviting space that had an earthy feel. Acupuncture is an amazing healing art that I would recommend to all of my close friends and family.

The experience of creating a new business website is always an amazing one. Things are talked about that were never thought about before in the business owner’s eyes, new ideas pop up daily on how the owner could run her/his business, and where they see themselves in the future.

Thank you Mountaintopmedicine for the opportunity!


Design Team
Bridewell Design

Axxis Furniture – High End AV Furniture

Axxis Furniture Homepage

Axxis Furniture Homepage

Today’s post is about Axxis Furniture. A new High End Av Furniture Online Store that provides all sorts of amazing furniture brands including BDI, Bello, Salamander Designs, Techcraft and many many more. Bridewell Design landed the opportunity to do a redesign with the restricted Volusion CMS but after coming out with a solid design concept, Volusion did not set us back too far. The goal of AF was to redesign Axxisfurniture.com using Volusion, which is an ASP.net CMS for E-commerce web sites.  Although Volusion has many restrictions the admin section of their product is outstanding.

Bridewell Design is proud to set this site free and would love to inform everyone that this new E-commerce store for High Quality AV Furniture is the best on the planet. AF has all the best AV furniture in one location! Check it out and leave us comments.


Andrew Bridewell
Lead Designer

New Website 5.0

Hello everyone! Bridewell Design has just posted its new corporate web site. We have added Twitter posts, Featured Projects, Wedding Design, and Portrait shots of Jamison and Drew.blog-bridewelldesign

Shoot us your comments on our new site, and let us know your thoughts. Thanks and check back later because Bridewell Design is going to start posting incredible web and marketing resources for businesses of all kinds.


Design Team

Welcome to Studio 6

Welcome to Studio 6
Join us at our new location for the alliance of four creative professionals into one great space. Come see what we are up to and enjoy the libations. We look forward to seeing you!


Top 6 Web Resources

I wanted to share with everyone a few really nice resources that I use daily. You can never learn too much. As a Web Developer and Designer these resources have helped me with presentations, showing clients progress, building complex web surveys, building forms, online video training, and sharing files with colleagues.



Wufoo “strives to be the easiest way to collect information over the Internet. Our HTML form builder helps you create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and online payments you need without writing a single line of code.”

Smashing Magazine
Is a blog for Web Designers/Developers. Smashing Magazine is by far one of the greatest resources out there. They are constantly updating with the newest news, tricks, designs, techniques, and research.

“Is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”

“Access & Control Your PC from Anywhere! LogMeIn Pro gives you the edge you need: in the office, on the road or wherever you choose to go. With Remote Sound, Drag and Drop and so much more, you’ll never come closer to actually being there. Gain seamless and total access to your home or office PC from any computer with an Internet connection. If you are looking for increased flexibility and productivity, LogMeIn Pro is for you.”

Offers online video training, learn software, and technology.

Free OpenSource for storing, sharing, and syncing files.

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