Fireworks CS6 is awesome!

Adobe CS6 creative cloud is pretty awesome. My favorite update to the new version would have to be Fireworks CS6. It’s super fast and has so many new little additions but big enhancements. I’ve only been using it for a few days now and I wanted to list my top 5 favorite additions.

1. Common Library – The new common library has a bunch of out of the box goodies. The adobe team has add the iphone/ipad toolkit for wireframing. This is great for beginner designers who haven’t messed much with IOS elements. It also comes with some basic icons which can help when prototyping and creating some placeholders for your new custom icons to come in the future.

2. Common Styles – The best thing about the update in CS6 is if you create styles in one document. Fireworks saves this for future documents. This is incredibly nice and convenient.

3. Grid Structures – New out of the box grid templates to design from. At Savannah College of Art & Design we learned the importance of making and breaking the grid. But its super smart to be aware of grids and how to use them in design.

4. Saving a document. – Now you can append a .fw.png to the document so you and differentiate between a source file or a simple flat png graphic. Clean Clean Clean, and super helpful in my workflow process.

5. Properties Panel - Color Picker is enhanced, you also have the option to copy the Hex/rgb and paste it directly into your development tool. I really like the feature to change the opacity of the color inside the pop up window shown below. This is a super handy powerful weapon we as designers now have.

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